Performance Marketing

performance Marketing
performance marketing

Performance Marketing refers to the marketing and advertising programs where the advertisers pay for specific actions. Since the campaigns are optimised based on the results, the success rate of performance marketing is comparatively higher than other marketing techniques.

We at Digital121  can help you drive tangible results through effective performance marketing campaigns. Our performance marketing campaign helps brands accelerate their business digitally by combining the power of creativity and data analytics.

With our performance marketing services, we help you grow your business by optimising the campaign to increase conversions. From establishing your brand voice to providing your business with compelling communication – we take care of everything.

Let’s talk about different aspects of a performance marketing campaign

Sponsored content is a type of native advertising that helps you captivate your audience’s interest. By creating compelling and engaging content, you can win your audience’s trust. Native ads get more clicks than display or traditional advertising. Additionally, it creates an opportunity for retargeting the users.


Most businesses target their audience on social media like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When it comes to marketing on social media platforms, marketers have a variety of options to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads. The performance metrics on social media are shares, likes, clicks, etc that can yield tangible results.


Programmatic media buying, also known as display advertising is one of the effective ways to drive results. You will not be paying for the resources or efforts, but paying for the results. In short, display advertising is changing the face of online marketing by showing the ads to consumers who showed interest in your products or services.


Performance marketing is all about developing relationships between publishers and businesses to engage and convert audiences. Here are the benefits of performance marketing –

The marketers and advertisers pay for successful transactions, such as – signing up for the newsletter, making a purchase, completing the registration form, etc. The marketers can easily track the performance and determine ROI.

You can reach a wider audience by promoting your brand, products, or services with the help of website publishers. Additionally, it can be done through multiple channels based on your target audience.

Performance marketing campaigns help marketers to understand what is going with their campaign, which allows them to optimise the campaign whenever required and reduce the risk as and when required.

Performance marketing is highly cost-effective and economical compared to traditional marketing methods. It is a result-driven strategy that allows better planning & negotiation for each of the completed transactions.

Digital121’s Performance Marketing Services provide tangible results for your business by understanding your requirements. With a team of certified and highly experienced professionals, we help businesses to achieve their goals.

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